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i'm going to have to call the whole thing off

I'm sorry. The wedding was a LIE, although the responses I got in some sense made me wish it was true, or at least made me wonder what it would be to make that decision - whether i ever ever could. Safe to say, I think, that NO is the answer. However much i want the dress, i don't have the chutzpah.

explanation: i lost a bet, or rather failed to solve a riddle, and that was my punishment. (I still haven't solved the fucking thing). The three day silence was also dictated.

It's funny, that even despite that, i still feel guilty for lying. So, I offer some choice treats in return.

at school, we were studying comparitives with the second years, and each had to make their own quiz about themselves: 'I am taller than my father - true or false?' 'I can play baseball better than my sister'. After getting me to spell 'secret' on the board, one kid then wrote 'hiroyuki is secret gay - true or false'. when i doubled over, he said, in japanese: 'oh, so you understand what 'gay' means then?'

while george was visiting, i scraped my nextdoor neighbours car whilst getting out of our unmanoeuvrably small driveway, and didnt notice. much trauma ensued, mainly because she's a surly bitch with enough passive-aggression to inspire a whole shelf full of self-help books. so i ended up at the police station with george, her, and paul as translator. it was not one fragment short of ridiculous - i had to pose for photos in front of both cars' injuries. and then, on the way home, paul told me this, that id missed during the conversation in japanese - that the policeman had been talking about how, if bitchroid from hell wanted, i could be arrested for HIT AND RUN.

I got a message from a random on myspace that read: nietzche (sic). so you believe in nothing? ahhh these are the moments of such intense feelings of intellectual snobbery that I live for.

fede is staying on sado, we are living like lords and buying out the wine selection at the local supermarket. my 3rd year babies are graduating soon :( which means that I won't see some of my favourite children after next week. if i make it through the graduation ceremony, with its pink roses and songs of pure fromage, without lapsing into full-bellied sobs, I shall be doing well.
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