polly (missaline) wrote,

totoro is more popular than koizumi

today's headlines:

Polly taught her first ever lesson alone today. Sources report that it was a moderate success.

It now appears that even if I had wanted to stay in my job, I couldn't - Niigata prefecture have no money and are not employing any more ALTs, probably. So I did one of the philosophy tricks - making a 'free' choice to go which wasn't so free after all... (not strictly true, i could have stayed on sado but id have to be employed by "sado city" and thus move apartments, schools etc.)

People who annotate books are nearly always stupid - or so scientists have told us for a long time. But the comments in this Henry James I'm reading really take the biscuit. My favourite so far - although not the most stupid - is "she is really beastly".

Tomorrow, Polly is set to travel to tokyo to collect her younger brother. The young man will arrive into Narita Airport on Saturday at 09.01 a.m. local time.

Today's sleep forecast is much the same as the last few days: stormy and inconsistent with a lashing of bad dreams and stomach cramps. Despite this, mood coverage is on the up.
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